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Everything You Need to Know About Glitter DTF Transfers
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Everything You Need to Know About Glitter DTF Transfers

In the custom clothing and textile decoration business, a lot of new tools and methods have come out. Every one of them offers a unique finish and a variety of creative options. Out of these, glitters are the most popular because they make things look bright and interesting. 

Glitter can transform any item of clothing, from fancy dresses to plain old t-shirts, into eye-catching material. But the usual ways of applying glitter can be inconvenient, take a long time, and limit your design choices. Glitter DTF transfers are a brand-new, easy, and creative way to add sparkle to your clothes. Let us discuss this technology in detail.

What are DTF Glitter Transfers?

Glitter DTF transfers are a type of printing technology that can be utilized to transfer fancy patterns onto a variety of different fabrics. DTF is different from traditional methods like screen printing or vinyl because it prints your design on a special glitter DTF film known as glitter transfer paper, covers it with a powdered adhesive, and then uses heat and pressure to stick it to the fabric. When glitter is added to these transfers, it makes them sparkle and have a more interesting look.

It is easy to add a touch of shine to t-shirts, hoodies, or even bags and hats with DTF Glitter Transfers. This method used to make the transfers ensures that the glitter stays on the fabric even after many washes. DTF Glitter Transfers comes up with creative ways for businesses, sports teams, and individuals to brand themselves.

DTF uses a digital printing process instead of screen printing or iron-on transfers. First, special inks are used to print your design on a special film. After that, the design is heat-pressed onto the fabric, along with an adhesive back. Digital transfer printing allows you to use bright colors, fine details, and a wider range of fabrics with both light and dark colors. There are two ways to add glitter to the DTF process:

Glitter Ink

Some companies make special glitter inks that take on the sparkly look of glitter and make it easier to use than DTF. This makes it possible to use glitter for full-coverage designs or even for small details that need a shine.

Pre-mixed Glitter Adhesive

A pre-mixed glitter adhesive layer is used on some DTF transfers. In this way, a more traditional glitter texture can be made while still enjoying the benefits of simply applying DTF.

Applications of Glitter DTF Transfers

Glitter DTF transfers have numerous applications. Some common applications are as follows:

T-shirts and Sweatshirts

You can improve the appearance of your regular clothes by adding a little glitter to them. Make your t-shirts and sweatshirts unique by adding amusing designs or team logos. You can add glittering designs to apparel, hoodies, and other clothes to make them unique.

Hats and Bags

You can brighten up your accessories with sparkles! With glitter DTF transfers, you can make hats and purses that sparkle and show off your personality.

Personalized Clothing

Wearing custom-made clothes with glittery details can show off your style. You can make your clothes unique for any event, from birthday shirts to bachelorette party clothes.

Fashion Accessories

Adding sparkle and personality to scarves, bandanas, and other fashion accessories is quite easy with glitter transfers. You can put these transfers on fabric that decorates your accessories. You can mix and match the different colors and patterns to make your own style.

Benefits of Using Glitter DTF Transfers

There are a lot of advantages to glitter DTF transfers, especially ones that use glitter transfer paper, such as:

Vivid Colors and Metallic Effects:

In contrast to regular glitter applications, DTF transfers with glitter ink offer bright colors and metallic effects. This technology is ideal for complex graphics and gradients, which help designs stand out and catch the eye. DTF transfers with glitter ink are ideal for logos, artwork, and promotional materials because they provide intricate details and a wide color range. 

Works on Various Fabrics

Glitter DTF transfers are flexible and can be used on cotton and polyester, among other fabrics. The bright colors and shiny finishes make it easy to customize clothes and accessories. You can use these transfers to add a fancy touch to your DIY projects or the things you sell as a small business. 


The adhesive used in glitter DTF transfers is very resistant to washing, so the design will stay bright over time. This makes them a good choice for a wide range of uses.

Detailed Designs

Digital glitter print lets you add fine details and complicated designs that you could not do with traditional glitter screen transfer methods.

Soft Finish

DTF gives the fabric a soft, flexible finish that does not feel bulky, unlike some other transfer methods.

Custom DTF Gang Sheets and Glitter Print Options

Custom DTF gang sheets can be used for bigger projects or businesses. You can quickly make a lot of different sparkly things by printing several designs on a single sheet of film. This method not only saves time and resources, but it also lets you make a wide range of items without having to set up separate printers for each one. 

Glitter DTF transfers offer a variety of design options for achieving the perfect level of sparkle in your project. These include all-over glitter for a statement piece, glitter accents for specific elements like lettering or borders, and layering glitter with other colors for a unique and multi-dimensional effect.

Glitter DTF Transfers at Orelet Print

Orelet Print is one of the best DTF printing companies. We make beautiful garments with a magical touch. We have a lot of experience with DTF technology and glitter applications, so we can help our clients find the best mix of design, function, and sparkle. We prioritize excellent customer service, using premium DTF films and glitters for vibrant colors, sharp details, and long-lasting results. We offer competitive pricing for Glitter DTF Gang Sheets, ensuring the most value for your investment. At Orelet Print, we deliver high-quality DTF prints with fast turnaround times. If you need custom made Glitter DTF transfers, contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your requirements.


Glitter DTF transfers are a brand-new way to make your clothes and accessories sparkle and shine. They are better than traditional ways of applying glitter in many ways, such as having bright colors, metallic effects, lasting longer, and letting you make intricate designs. Glitter DTF transfers are a great way to add a little magic to your business logo, make your everyday clothes more unique, or add a personal touch to your everyday clothes. If you want the best results, you should use a reputable DTF printing company like Orelet Print. We have great customer service, high-quality prints, and many design options.




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