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UV DTF Printing: A Revolutionary Way to Customize Anything (and Everything!)
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UV DTF Printing: A Revolutionary Way to Customize Anything (and Everything!)

The printing industry has different digital and creative innovations in this century. UV DTF is one of these innovations, thus revolutionizing the printing industry to a great extent.

UV DTF, an advanced form of DTF printing, is a technique using UV cure technology to create designs over the file. It involves the UV-curable ink to set up the transfer film or sticker over the substrate.  The substrate may be a metal piece, plastic, fabric or wooden piece.

Let's discuss everything in  detail, providing you with insights you need to make an informed decision. 

What Is UV DTF Transfer?

UV DTF Transfer is a UV printing technique coupled with the heat transfer system of printing. It allows the print to be scanned over the film with the help of a UV printer and creates glossy print and creative prints. Custom UV DTF transfers can also be based on the painting and photographic view. 

With the use of UV printers, the ink of the design is cured and dried very quickly resulting in faster turnarounds. Prints produced through this technique are durable therefore you can store the stickers to use when you need them. In this way, it reduces your inventory cost.  

How do UV DTF Transfers Work?

The technique involves the digital printing of designs over special films that are cured by UV printers. The process is based on UV-curable inks. You should know that transfers can be done using the two methods which are following:

Direct Print on Object

One way of UV transfers is to directly put the surface on the flatbed. The design is printed directly on surfaces like mobile covers, plastic surfaces, etc. The process reduces the turnaround time as the process is done in a single shift.

DTF Film Transfers

This process is similar to simple DTF Transfers as it comprises the use of DTF films to print the design and then the design is pasted over the substrate. Pasting the creative design is a bit easier in UV DTF Transfers with no need for pressure or heat. You just have to paste the design film like a sticker and press through the fingers. The design will be attached to the surface.

Steps For Preparing UV DTF Prints 

UV DTF Prints are handy to prepare. These steps elaborate the print creation:

  • Designs are created through Canva or Illustrator and the finalized designs and filed over the printing page leaving the .5’’ from the top and bottom of the paper  
  • An adhesive sheet is placed over the bed of the printer and vacuumed to fill the gaps. 
  • Design is selected through the software and thus printed over the white sheet with the white under base, color layer and color overcoat.
  • When these three layers are completed, the sheet is removed from the printer’s bed and attached to the metal sheet carefully. 
  • Then the transfers are cut separately when needed.
  • Prints can be placed just by peeling off the lower adhesive surface and pasting over the substrate.

Substrates For UV DTF Prints  

The attractive benefit of UV DTF prints is they can be used for various surfaces including Fabric, wood,  glass, metals, ceramics and plastics. This diverse range of substrates describes the diversity and durability of DTF prints. Vibrant Colors and water and scratch resistance are the characteristics that make these prints more reliable. 

Moreover, diversity also describes that these prints can be used for home décor purposes,  lifting fashion sense through customized prints, as well as for promotional items and ads.  

Components Of UV DTF Print

The whole technique is based on the UV printer, ink, film and laminator. All these components work in coherence to produce UV dtf wraps.

Benefits of UV DTF Transfers 

DTF prints have a great list of benefits. Some of them are here for you to check the use of these printers.

The most important benefit of DTF print is it facilitates small businesses and startups as the printing cost is reduced per day with quick turnaround.

It produces high product quality with reliable prints.  

The colors in the prints are vibrant and resist the color-fading phenomena. Prints also resist the scratching or atmospheric effects.

Custom UV DTF Transfers are the best source of home décor and promotional ads.  

DTF Printing process is green as with cost  reduction, it also reduces energy usage with no specified waste with zero noise production  

Wholesale UV DTF Transfers  

With the quicker turnaround, UV DTF prints are produced in large numbers daily. Professional workers make the process more smooth as they know all the related pros and cons. It leads to greater production and hence every company with the UV print setup can take the projects of the wholesale market. In the wholesale market, there is the availability of all types of DTF Transfers with different colors and design variety.  Wholesale DTF Transfers also have the same quality as the others because of production at the same setup.    

The wholesale market also covers customized DTF transfers for different purposes including fabric prints, home décor and accessories.

Get UV DTF Transfers From Orelet print

Oreletprints provides you with UV DTF Transfers that align with the current trends and enhance the beauty of your belongings. Orelet prints always proved itself a trustworthy partner for customers in shaping the reality of their ideas.  Yes—Orelet prints also offer premium-level DTF Transfers customization. The team strictly follows the instructions given by the customer and creates durable sheets. Contact us to avail the chance of getting good quality products.








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