DTF (Direct to Film) Printing Machine – 60cm 4 Head


Product Advantages

  • Expanded Color Options: Beyond the standard C, M, Y, K, and W colors, choose from RGBO and neon colors to fulfill diverse printing needs.
  • Enhanced Oil Drain System: Upgraded oil drain port automatically collects waste oil, preventing unwanted spills and maintaining cleanliness.
  • Intelligent Digital Control: Features a digital control screen with multiple language options, suitable for various work environments.
  • Improved Performance: Upgraded for higher printing accuracy, faster drying times, and superior print quality.

Product Main Features

  • Sealed Circulation System: Effectively eliminates powder dispersion issues with a sealed powder shaking environment.
  • Low Noise Operation: Reduced friction between machine components ensures quieter, more stable, and durable printing performance.
  • White Ink Circulation: Ensures smooth ink delivery to the print head, preventing clogs and maintaining consistent quality.
  • Automated Maintenance: Features automatic system cleaning, anti-clogging flash spray, and moisturizing functions for hassle-free upkeep.
Printhead 4*EPSON I3200-A1
Printing Speed Output (sqm/h)
4 Pass 30sqm/h
6 Pass 20sqm/h
8 Pass 16sqm/h
Max Media Width 730mm
Max Print Width 680mm
Ink Type Water based pigment ink
Color C, M, Y, K, W (RGBO and neon colors available)
Ink Supply System Continuous ink supply system
White Ink Cycle Equipped
Media Type PET film
Heating System Intelligent embedded heating system & powder melt machine
Feed & Take up System Equipped
Capping & Moisturizing Auto capping system & moisturizing system
RIP Software Maintop, photoprint, CADlink (optional)
Input Power AC110V/220V, 50HZ/60HZ, 350W-4000W
Working Environment Temperature : 18-32℃ , humidity : 46-65%
Machine Size Printer: 1850*795*1600mm, 172kg ; shaker: 2305*1092*110mm, 270kg
Packing Size Printer: 2060*890*790mm, 217kg , 1.448cbm ; shaker: 2400*1120*1136mm, 330kg , 2.830cbm