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22" x 48" DTF Transfers Gang Sheet

22" x 48" DTF Transfers Gang Sheet

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22" x 48"Regular DTF Transfers Gang Sheet

DTF Transfers Gang Sheet



You can build your files at build tool, or you can add your files on the website.

  1. Your png file must be at least 300 PPI resolution.
  2. Prepare your order from Adobe Illustrator or other software. (Make sure it’s 22″ Wide and 48 Height)
  3. Save documents in PNG format with TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND.
  4. Make sure your file requirements are correct.
  5. Upload files at 22" x 48" DTF Transfers Gang Sheet page.
  6. Proceed to Checkout.


File Format
PNG, high quality only with Transparent Background

300DPI Upload
White Under-base
We Do Not Recommend Any Artwork With Super Tiny Details That Are Below The 9PT Mark it will NOT get Undebased And it Will Most Likely Not Get Transferred Correctly Onto The Garment/Fabric (How to fix the issue) Simply add a stroke to your design to make the tiny details a bit thicker before submitting the artwork for printing. below is a picture showing the issue.

Transparent or translucent gradient IS NOT recommended, it will lose it “blending” effect where transparency of 30-40% will start to break and create jaggy edges in your artwork because the printer will lay white under them thinking there is color there creating an effect like the one below.(How to fix the issue) Make the gradient more solid or remove it completely from the design.

Edge Quality
Check your artwork edge quality and make sure they are sharp enough and does NOT contain “dirty” colors resulted from badly removed background process. How to check the quality of the edges simply zoom in at 100% and if it looks like the image on the top the output will be like the image on the bottom.(How to fix the issue) You will need a higher resolution image or get the design vectorized by a designer.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Orelet Print does not accept any exchange or refund orders that caused by any kind of problems of customers.

Make sure you own the copyrights to print, otherwise Orelet Print is not responsible for any consequences.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
RHONDA Gardley

22" x 48" DTF Transfers Gang Sheet

Catherine Alexander
10/10 would recommend!

The entire process was a 10/10! The online gang sheet builder tool, the prices, the turnaround time, and the quality guarantees that I will be a repeat customer!

Awesome Software

If you lack access to professional design software, this tool is a breeze to use. I encountered some mishaps while exporting files on Canva, but that's not a concern here. However, it's important to note that if your design files are of low quality, you'll need to ensure you upload them in high resolution.


At first the process take a while to set up, then it become more familiar. You don’t really know what you’re getting until it prints. Really don’t like this setup. I can see it being difficult for some customers to use, and It doesn’t make it easy to do business with your company. You should at least have this process and a way a customer can email you their order as well.

Myrisha Allen

Very satisfied!!!