PDF: Information About DTF (Direct To Film) and Instruction



The design file build tool on the website support till 120 inches height.

    1. What is the difference between Regular DTF and UV (Ultraviolet) DTF?Regular DTF printing transferring designs onto the desired item such as garments or textiles using heat and pressure. It is commonly used in the production of custom apparel, including t-shirts, hoodies, and other fabric-based products. UV (Ultraviolet) DTF are not for textiles or garments. This is a hard surface print like a sticker, and you can apply to plastic, glass, wood, steel etc.. It is usually used for promotional items.
    2. What is the turnaround time? Turnaround time for regular DTF is less than 1 business day, UV DTF is 1-2 business day.
    3. What is Regular DTF pressing instruction? Cotton fabrics 310°F-320°F, polyester fabrics 250°F-260°F with high pressure.
      Time: press once for 8-10 seconds and wait for 15 seconds for cooling, then do hot peel the dtf film, for better feeling on fabrics re-press 3 seconds with Teflon sheet
    4. What is the UV (Ultraviolet) DTF instruction? No need heat, only apply pressure on the surface that you want to apply, and then peel of the UV DTF film.