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"Texas Customers" Email Tax Exemption Form for No TAX - Turnaround Time in 24 Hours - Custom Build Tool Support at Most 120" Heights

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Mastering DTF Printing Press on Fabrics
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Mastering DTF Printing Press on Fabrics


Hey there, printing pro! Ready to bring your designs to life with DTF printing? Let's walk through the process together in a breeze.

Prep Your Heat Press: First things first, make sure your heat press is sparkling clean! Clear away any debris or residue to ensure a smooth printing process.

Heat Things Up: Next, pre-heat your trusty heat press to the recommended temperature for DTF printing. That's usually around 300°F to 320°F or 160°C to 170°C. While it's warming up, give your fabric a quick once-over to make sure it's clean and wrinkle-free.

Position and Protect: Now, let's get that DTF print in place! Lay your fabric down and position the print with the printed side facing down. To keep things neat and tidy, pop a non-stick protective sheet or a sheet of parchment paper over the print to prevent any ink from sticking to the heat press.

Press Away: Time to work that heat press magic! Set the heat press to the recommended temperature for DTF printing and press the fabric and print assembly for around 8-10 seconds. Once it's done, carefully peel off the DTF film from the fabric in one smooth motion. Pro tip: For extra durability, consider giving the fabric another quick press without the film.

And there you have it – your foolproof guide to DTF printing. Now go ahead, unleash your creativity and let those designs shine!

Got questions or need some extra help? Don't hesitate to reach out. Happy printing!



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